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Watch this video and more on Leading Design


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Margaret Lee - Insights from a Reluctant Leader

Leading Design London 2018 • 28m

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  • Mia Blume - Alignment over Hustle

    The next generation will live beyond 100, which will require an evolution of how we think about our work lives and longevity. Could you work for 60 years? Or be so effective in the years you did work that you could retire for that long? We’re already hitting our upper bounds as leaders and makers...

  • Russ Unger - From Hiring to Onboarding

    Hiring and onboarding new employees to your team is all too often treated as an afterthought, or best case, as an at-the-moment-thought. Employees deserve a well-thought out experience that includes them from the very beginning–from the creation of the position description—to that time after they...

  • Scott Berkun - Design and Power

    Description: Even with a grand seat at the table, big decisions hinge on two overlooked factors 1) who at the table has the most power? and 2) how can they be influenced? Designers notoriously overlook how their lack of political acumen cripples their ability to make good design happen. But fear ...