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Featured videos

Featured videos
  • Farai Madzima - What to say in 1:1 meetings

    Using words, scribbles, and pixels Farai has spent the last 14 years helping design and build products and teams in the UK, South Africa and Canada.

    Today, he makes a living designing interactions and leading a team as a UX Manager at Shopify in Ottawa.

    In South Africa, Farai designed banking a...

  • Eric Snowden l Leading Design San Francisco 2023

    Design teams are rife with burnout, low morale and inefficiencies. These unhealthy and unsustainable practices lead to negative cultures and high turnover. From hiring and setting up your team to how you handle conflict, running a design team is a marathon, not a sprint. In this talk, Eric discus...

  • Ovetta Sampson - Designing design leadership for an automated future

    Ovetta Sampson is a tech industry professional who strives to amplify the beauty of humanity with design while avoiding practices that exploit its fragility. She has more than a decade of experience, working in multiple industries to innovate with various technologies including machine learning a...

  • Jane Austin - You are the problem

    You are the problem

    As designers we often find ourselves being frustrated and feeling unheard. The struggle to “get a seat at the table” seems to be widespread. Why is this? Is it simply that product people don’t listen and tech people don’t care about users? Or that business people think they k...

  • Ray Ho at Leading Design London 2022

    The value of design (that's more than just business)

    Design has a seat at the table now, but what do you say? What do you stand up for? Are we really there just to make the business metric grow through experience efficiencies, or is the value of design to make the business stand for something ot...